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Crepes Vanessa:  Fat-Free Chocolate and Rasberry Breakfast Crepes

...healthy food ideas and recipes to fit your piece of the puzzle.

Fat-free recipes and a fat-free cooking strategy are just part of my cookbook,

The Fat-Free Gourmet - Justa' Touch Italian.

In this fat-free cookbook I explore new ways to cut the fat from traditional recipes without compromising taste, flavor, or texture. I have used these fat-free and low fat recipes for nearly twenty years, and my friends and family don't even realize that they are eating fat-free!
Sound incredible? It isn't.

Just click here to try a few sample fat-free recipes from my cookbook.

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Do you have a goal to stay healthy, fit, and younger?

If so, you will need an variety of components to achieve that goal. While omitting all fat from your diet is not a realistic or healthy goal, incorporating fat-free recipes into your diet will help to achieve a healthier balance of nutrients and lower your overall fat intake. Eating less fat at some meals or snacks helps to control the overall fat intake. I do not advocate cutting all fat out of your diet, but I do promote choosing the right kinds of fats and monitoring their intake.

Heart-Healthy Fat-Free Broccoli Dijon Salad

The benefits of eating a healthy diet include:

  • Better overall health
  • Ability to maintain and control weight
  • Fight metabolic syndrome or metabolic imbalances
  • Increased ability to excel at fitness
  • General sense of wellbeing
  • Gives you the advantage in prevention or treatment of disease

Healthy Snack:  Fat-Free Crunchy S'mores Bars

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